Rules for purchasing a kitten from Two Happiness*PL

Because we love our cats and they are family members, we have created a set of rules for purchasing kittens from our cattery. Two Happiness*PL is simply furry happiness. 🙂

We hope it will help potential buyers make the right decision. We always follow the good of cats.

We invite you to read!

We will answer all your questions and together we will help you choose your dream baby. Neva Masquerade kittens are born practically white, with pink, fleshy noses. Over time, the tips of the ears start to discolor, the tail and feet darken, the nose mirror changes. It is an unprecedented experience to observe how our little ones change, how they grow, how they react to us and the environment.

The goal of our breeding is not only a cat with perfect aesthetic values, healthy, but also perfectly socialized. Kittens are part of our family, they take part in our everyday life. They are familiar with games and contact with children (we have two children) or the sounds of a vacuum cleaner …

Our kittens will only go to responsible families, people who love animals, who realize that they invite a living creature to live together for the next several years. When booking our kitten by a family with children, please teach them to be gentle with the cat, to be treated properly, to be respectful, to fully understand that the cat is not a toy.

Procedure for purchasing a kitten from Two Happiness * PL

At the outset, we talk to new families, we try to get to know each other, get to know the conditions in which our kitten would live. It is important for us that our cat children live in safe houses – securing the balcony, terrace, creating a safe exit to the air, these are matters that we want to take care of. It is also important to provide the best possible nutrition, here we offer advice and assistance, we hope that the new families will continue our philosophy. If we come to the conclusion that this family will be the best for our kids, we reserve it based on a 40% advance payment.

Since then, we are in constant contact with new families, we try to send up-to-date photos, as well as report on the life of the kittens. Kittens leave our cattery at the age of about 14 weeks and are after castration. Kittens going abroad stay in the cattery until about 18 weeks due to the required rabies vaccinations and the need for quarantine. We reserve kittens in two options: “to love”, the so-called “on your knees”.

These are kittens not intended for reproduction, subjected to an early castration treatment before leaving our breeding farm. This does not exclude the possibility of showing the cat at shows in the neuter class.

Breeding kittens (show/breed)

Intended for further breeding work, entrusted only to catteries registered in a legally operating felinology club.

Useful information about Two Happiness * PL kittens

Kitten statuses:

available – the kitten is available,
observation – someone is interested in the kitten, is under observation (often in terms of breeding), but no advance payment has been made,
reserved – the kitten has already found its new owners, advance payment.

When collecting the kitten, we sign a sales contract and provide full documentation:

  • original 5-generation pedigree of FiFe,
  • health book or passport,
  • documents necessary for going abroad.

Our kittens are:

  • 2 times vaccinated,
  • Dewormed 2 times,
  • chipped,
  • Non-breed kittens are castrated.

Kitten pickup

To pick up the kittens, we invite you to our kennel in Smolec near Wroclaw (1.5 km from the airport) Poland. We can also take the kitten to a new home, after prior arrangement. They take a layette to their new home: scratching post, dry and wet food for the first days of life.

We leave our cats chipped and registered in the database: