IC Amber Two Happiness*PL

DOB: 13.01.2015
Country: POLAND
colour: NEM a 0321

At home, called Ambi or Bambi, she is the first female born in our cattery. She is the daughter of Caramelka and the Czech male Franso Larja Fantasia * CZ and I cannot hide the fulfillment of my breeding dreams, i.e. bicolour.

I love Neva with lots of white, Ambi has 25% -50% of it, and it also has a characteristic, cute pink nose. I did not expect that in our first litter bicolor will be born and additionally so good in type. I couldn’t part with her. Amber is daddy’s little girl. The character also does not resemble the hit Caramelka.

It is a bit embarrassing, a bit inaccessible to guests. More time is needed to gain her trust. He is the complete opposite of the brothers. She has inherited chatter from her mother, meows endlessly when we say hello or when she demands caresses or attention. He makes us laugh with his chases and stupid ideas. She’s our princess… she’s allowed anything!