About Two Hapinness*PL

Our four-legged friends are for us a natural dose of endorphins, happiness and smile, which we get without leaving home. And when we want an adrenaline rush, we go to exhibitions where the beauty of our cats can also be admired by others.

Our cattery Two Happiness * PL operates under the patronage of FIFE – Federation Internationale Feline, it is an organization associating pedigree cat breeders from Europe, Asia and South America. FIFe is the world’s largest feline federation.

We are registered with Cat Club Wrocław, belonging to FPL (Felis Polonia). So we are a legally cattery.

A socialization full of love

Our children also take care of our cats: Adam and Natasza. They take care of the daily portion of exercise and games, organize races with fishing rods and throw mice. We are a home breeding farm where cats have contact with children from their earliest days. They are taught to live in a loving family which ensures their proper socialization.

Our children are brought up from an early age in love for animals, they can perfectly read their needs. Everyone is satisfied with this arrangement;) We do not keep our kittens under a shade, they know what the buzz and sound of a vacuum cleaner are. They are brave and joyful.

Two Happiness*PL - our rules